West Ridge, Accra

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West Ridge District
Central accra-2.jpg
Location Roughly:
W: Barnes Road
S: Kinbu Gardens
N: Castle Road
E: Independence Avenue
Governing body Accra Metropolitan Assembly

West Ridge is a district of Accra, Ghana bounded to the south by Kinbu Gardens. Barnes Road serves as the district's western boundary, while the Independence Avenue/Liberation Avenue is the eastern boundary. Castle Road separates West Ridge from the northern district of North Ridge. The Accra branch of the British Council is located in West Ridge off Liberia Road.

Originally planned as a neighborhood for civil servants and businessmen in the colonial era, West Ridge is gradually being transformed into a commercial district.[1] Among the new office towers cited in the district are the Heritage Tower, Ridge Tower, and Cedi House. A new Movenpick Ambassador Hotel is currently under construction in West Ridge to complement the pre-existing French Novotel hotel to cater to the business clientele.[2]

The area of West Ridge, North Ridge, and East Ridge is collectively referred to as "The Ridge." This area is populated by several major embassies, including those of Germany and the United Kingdom. In addition, several of Accra’s upmarket hotels, and several Ghanaian administrative offices are located in this district.

Landmarks/Places of Interest[edit]