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West Rock is an official neighborhood of the city of New Haven, Connecticut.

It includes part of West Rock Ridge State Park and the campus of Southern Connecticut State University. The north end of the official neighborhood contains the Brookside neighborhood.

Almost the entire neighborhood is made up of public housing projects, many of which have been recently demolished and are being rebuilt under the Federal HOPE VI program. These include Brookside, Abraham Ribicoff and Abraham Ribicoff extension.

Predominated by lower income African American families and is surrounded by state forest, with limited public transportation connecting it to the rest of New Haven.

The community is separated from neighboring Hamden, CT by a chain link fence on the Hamden side of the border, which runs the length of the neighborhood impeding foot traffic between West Rock and the Woodin Street neighborhood of Hamden. The fence has been the subject of much political and racial conflict between the two municipalities.

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Coordinates: 41°20′18″N 72°57′39″W / 41.3384°N 72.9608°W / 41.3384; -72.9608