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Blue Bus
West Vancouver Blue Bus 922 clip.jpg
Founded 1912
Headquarters 221 Lloyd Avenue,
North Vancouver
Service type transit bus
Routes 11
Website Public Blue Bus Transit
West Vancouver Blue Bus 997.jpg
A side view of a West Vancouver Blue Bus New Flyer Industries D40LF

West Vancouver Blue Bus Transit system began in 1912, and is the oldest continuously operated, municipal system in North America. These buses are part of the TransLink network but continue to be owned and operated by the District Municipality of West Vancouver under a contract to TransLink.


WVMT operates 10 routes using the distinctive blue buses (not to be mistaken with B Line buses).

West Vancouver Municipal Transit operates the following routes:

  • 250 Vancouver/Horseshoe Bay/Dundarave(250A)
  • 251 Vancouver/Park Royal/Queens
  • 252 Vancouver/Park Royal/Inglewood
  • 253 Vancouver/Park Royal/Caulfeild
  • 254 Vancouver/Park Royal/British Properties
  • 255 Capilano University/Lynn Valley Centre/Dundarave
  • 256 Park Royal/Whitby Estates/Spuraway
  • 257 Vancouver Express/Horseshoe Bay Express
  • 258 West Vancouver/UBC (Operates during peak hours only when the University of British Columbia is in winter session from September to April)
  • 259 Horseshoe Bay/Lions Bay
  • C12 Lions Bay/Caulfeild
See also: List of bus routes in Metro Vancouver.

All buses are designated "Fare Paid Zones", which means passengers are required by law to have a valid fare while on board the bus. Failing to pay the fare or not having a valid fare while on board the bus could result in the passenger being fined $173 and/or removed from the bus. Fare inspections are conducted by Transit Security Officers and members from the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service.


  • General Motors GMC C5500 Community Shuttles (3 buses - #S200-S201, S261)- Retired.
  • Chevrolet G4500 Community Shuttles (9 buses - #S1301-S1304, S1316-S1320)

All buses (except the Heritage Bus) are wheelchair accessible.


West Vancouver buses are numbered by the production year and unit number. For example, bus number 951 would have been produced in 1995, and the first bus received. Exception to this are the preserved bus (pre-1991 numbering system) and the Community Shuttles.

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