West of Duddon Sands Wind Farm

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West of Duddon Sands Wind Farm
West of Duddon Sands Wind Farm 2014.jpg
West of Duddon Sands Wind Farm viewed from Blackpool
West of Duddon Sands Wind Farm is located in England
West of Duddon Sands Wind Farm
Location of West of Duddon Sands Wind Farm
Country England, United Kingdom
Location 10 Miles south west of Walney Island Cumbria
Coordinates 53°58′59″N 3°27′47″W / 53.983°N 3.463°W / 53.983; -3.463Coordinates: 53°58′59″N 3°27′47″W / 53.983°N 3.463°W / 53.983; -3.463
Status Under construction
Construction began May 2013
Commission date 2014
Construction cost £1.6 billion
Wind farm
Type Offshore
Site area 67 km2 (26 sq mi)
Distance from shore 14 km (8.7 mi)
Rotor diameter 120 m
Power generation
Units operational 108
Make and model Siemens Wind Power
Nameplate capacity 389 MW

West of Duddon Sands Wind Farm (WoDS), occasionally also known as West Duddon Wind Farm is an offshore wind farm located 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) south west of Walney Island off the coast of Barrow-in-Furness[1] in Cumbria, in the Irish Sea, England. It is being developed by Morecambe Wind Ltd, a partnership between Scottish Power, Dong Energy and Eurus Energy.[2]


The wind farm gets its name from a large sand bank uncovered at low water in the mouth of the estuary of the River Duddon to the north of the Furness Peninsula. The farm will actually lie to the south west of the Duddon Sands and will cover an area of approximately 67 km2.

It is situated in the vicinity of three other wind farms. It is to the south of the Walney Wind Farm and Ormonde Wind Farm, and to the west of the Barrow Offshore Wind Farm.[3]


In 2004 Morecambe Wind was awarded a 50-year lease from The Crown Estate to develop a wind farm at West of Duddon Sands as part of the second UK offshore wind farm tendering process known as "Round 2".[4]

The project includes constructing the wind turbines and their foundations, building offshore substations, installing power cables both undersea and onshore, as well as an extension to the existing onshore Electrical substation to house the equipment needed for connection into the UK National Grid. This work is estimated to take about 2 years. Cables are supplied by NKT, and are 82 km of 155 kV sea cables and 22 km land cables, at a price of DKK 600 million.[5]

The wind farm planning application was filed in April 2006 and consent was granted in September 2008.[6] The application was for between 83 and 139 turbines with a nameplate capacity of 500 MW.[7] However permission was granted for only 108 turbines due to geological siting issues. This will provide up to 389 MW of power.


The 108 Siemens Wind Power 3.6 MW geared turbines cost €700 million installed, bringing the cost per turbine to €6.5m, or €1.8m per MW. Adding maintenance, transformator platform and cabling to shore brings the cost to £1.6 billion.[8][9] The project has a 5-year warranty. Electrical work is expected to start in 2012, turbines installed in 2013, and operating in 2014.[10]

The wind farm began generating power on 28 January 2014 when four turbines were connected to the grid.[11] The final turbine was installed in June 2014.[12]


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