Westerley Ware

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Westerley Ware
Type Urban park
Location Waterloo Place, Kew Green, Kew, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Coordinates 51°29′09″N 0°17′11″W / 51.4859°N 0.2865°W / 51.4859; -0.2865Coordinates: 51°29′09″N 0°17′11″W / 51.4859°N 0.2865°W / 51.4859; -0.2865
Operated by Richmond upon Thames Borough Council
Status Open all year

Westerley Ware is a small garden and recreation ground in Kew in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is located at the foot of Kew Bridge, between Waterloo Place (near Kew Green)[1] and the Thames riverbank. Historically common land, it has a memorial garden – bordered by hedges – to the fallen in the First World War, a grass area, three hard tennis courts and a children's playground. Since 1939 it has been managed by the local authority, which is now Richmond upon Thames Council.[1]

History and etymology[edit]

Until the 18th century, Westerley Ware was much larger and was almost certainly used by fishermen as a place to beach their boats and to dry and mend their nets.[2] Its name refers to the use of netting weirs or "wares" to catch fish.[1][3]

Westerley Ware Association[edit]

In 1997 local residents in Kew formed the Westerley Ware Association which has raised funds for projects to improve the park and to employ a part-time gardener. In 2007 it successfully raised funds from the Council’s Initiative Fund to install new entrance gates. These were designed and forged by a local blacksmith, Shelley Thomas.[4]


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