Westermost Rough wind farm

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Westermost Rough Wind Farm
Westermost Rough wind farm is located in East Riding of Yorkshire
Westermost Rough wind farm
Location of Westermost Rough Wind Farm
Country England, United Kingdom
Coordinates 53°48′18″N 0°08′56″E / 53.805°N 0.149°E / 53.805; 0.149Coordinates: 53°48′18″N 0°08′56″E / 53.805°N 0.149°E / 53.805; 0.149
Status Under construction
Construction began 2014
Wind farm
Type Offshore
Power generation
Make and model Siemens 6 MW
Units planned 35

Westermost Rough Wind Farm is an offshore wind farm under construction 8 km north east of Withernsea off the Holderness coast, in the North Sea, England. The farm will cover an area of approximately 35 km2 (14 sq mi) with a generation capacity of up approximately 240 MW.


The Westermost Wind farm site was originally awarded to Total in 2003 during the initial Round 2 wind farm tendering process; Total later withdrew and the concession was returned to the Crown Estate in 2006.[1] In 2007 Dong Energy was awarded a lease from The Crown Estate to develop a wind farm at Westermost Rough after Total Energie who originally won the, withdrew from the project.[2] The company Westermost Rough Ltd was established 2007;[n 1] a subsidiary of Dong Energy.[3]

A planning application was submitted in November 2009,[4] and consent was given by the Department of Energy and Climate Change in 2011 for a development of up to 80 turbines of up to 245 MW power with a limit of 172 m (564 ft) turbine tip height, and 150 m (490 ft) rotor diameter, as well as associated onshore and offshore substations, cabling and other infrastructure.[5]

Initial expectations were for an earliest in service date of 2014,[4] in January 2013 construction of the wind farm was confirmed, with construction scheduled to start in 2014 with the farm operational by 2015.[6][7][8]

Dong Energy sold a 50% stake in the wind farm in equal parts to the Green Investment Bank and to Marubeni Corporation for a total of £240 million; as part of the sale the two buyers committed to investing £500 million in the construction of the wind farm;[9] the two companies, through the joint company WMR JV Investco Limited secured £370 million from lenders in August 2014 to fund the capital cost of the project.[10][11]

Design, manufacture and construction[edit]

The wind farm is located 8 km (5.0 mi) off the Holderness coast, roughly northwest of Withernsea.[n 2] The proposed design is for 35 to 80 turbines of between 3 and 7 MW power output, in an area of 35 km2 (14 sq mi), with a total installed capacity of up to 245 MW.[12]

The offshore substation design was subcontracted to Ramboll,[13] with medium voltage turbine to offshore transformer submarine cables supplied by Nexans.[14] High voltage 150kV submarine export cables and 150/275kV underground cables were contracted to be supplied from LS Cable & System of Korea.[15][16] The cable landing point is to be near Tunstall, East Riding of Yorkshire, with a national grid connection made via the buried cables to new substation at Salt End.[17]

The project is expected to use 6 MW Siemens Wind turbines;[18] 35 turbines are to be installed, giving a capacity of 210 MW.[19] Varde, Denmark based Titan Wind Energy was contracted to supply towers, with tower foundations supplied by Bladt Industries of Aalborg, Denmark.[20] The driven monopile foundations are 6.25m diameter with mass up to 800t, with 425t transition pieces.[21]

GeoSea was awarded the contract to install foundation piles in April 2013.[22] The first foundation pile was installed in February 2014.[23] In early 2014 residents of Withernsea and the nearby area reported noise and vibration disturbance during the night time, attributed to piling at the wind farm site; by April 2014 an investigation by the Marine Management Organisation had found evidence of noise, but the results were not conclusive enough for it to act on.[24] Foundation installation was completed by May 2014,[25] and the offshore substation installed by June 2014.[26]



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