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Western Advanced Central University, also known as Western Central College and WACU, is a for-profit online university offering degrees based largely on dissertations and online distance education.

WACU has degree programs ranging from high school diplomas up to Bachelor of Education and Masters Degrees in business, religion and philosophy and computer science.[1] Students can obtain degrees based online educational performance.[2] While not a degree mill, WACU's criteria for their degrees is based on online classwork and admission to the school is based on academic criteria, although classes are available online.[3]

WACU's website contains a disclaimer warning applicants about diploma mills and their "confusion" with such entities. The school goes so far as to offer the following advice for prospective students:

WAC University's enrollment varies from year to year. However, on average, the total number of students enrolled is twenty to thirty thousand a year. (This number does not include the large number of applications turned down due to ineligibility.) We currently offer bachelor's, master's, doctorate, and associate Degree Programs. We are often asked if we offer any degrees based on life experience, and the answer is 'No.' We do not offer any degrees bases on life experience. We offer a distance learning program for which you can enroll. Furthermore, we have been accused of having students who do not qualify for our degree programs obtain admission. If do not qualify based on the criteria stated on our site regretfully, we cannot accept your application. WAC University is known to maintain the highest standard of academic excellence in the education world. To preserve that standard we must strictly follow our well-defined rules and admissions criteria."[4]


No lawsuits have been entered against the school It has been accused of enrolling unqualified students, inflating grades so students could stay enrolled and falsifying documents to attempt to obtain accreditation for certain academic programs. [5] Their website states that they would be accredited by ACOHE (Accreditation Council for Online Higher Education), located in United Arab Emirates. ACOHE is not recognized in the United States or Canada, but may be recognized in Mexico, Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries.

Due to higher student loan default rates, the U.S. Department of Education criticized for-profit institutions, with the Secretary of Education asserting that "too many for-profit schools are saddling students with debt they cannot afford in exchange for degrees and certificates they cannot use."[6] Similar accusations have been made against Kaplan University and Westwood College.[citation needed]


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