Western Australia Roller Derby

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Western Australia Roller Derby
League logo
Country Australia
Founded 2009
Teams Wards of the Skate (Travel A),
WayWARDs (Travel B),
Electric Screams (Home),
Sonic Doom (Home),
Team Zebra (referees)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Rolloways O'Connor,
Kingsway Regional Sports Centre
Affiliations WFTDA
Website warollerderby.com.au
WARD Skaters during a 2011 bout.

Western Australia Roller Derby (WARD) is a roller derby league based in Western Australia. Founded in 2009, the league has a permanent presence in Perth. WARD currently has 2 competitive teams who compete at Kingsway Regional Sports Centre, and a combined team that competes with other Australian and New Zealand leagues. The current President of WARD is Medusa Cascade.


Founded in August 2009, WARD was started by SubZero etal[clarification needed]. In May 2010 WARD held their first friends and family bout with 11 competitors.

WARD's first public appearance was in Adelaide 2010, during the Great Southern Slam competition.[1] Following this the first season saw three bouts between the home teams, Electric Screams and Sonic Doom at the Perth SpeedDome.[2] WARD also coordinated the state’s first interleague bout which was held in Kalgoorlie.[3]

Wards of the Skate, the all stars team was formed in May 2011 to compete against Perth Roller Derby at Quads of War, Perth’s first ever inter-league event.[4] In July 2011, WARD hosted WA's first ever interstate roller derby bout, against Melbourne-based South Sea Roller Derby.[5][6]

In July 2012, WARD was accepted as a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice Programme.[7]


WARD allows admission of any able-bodied individual, regardless of their current skating skill level.[8] "Freshmeat"[9] members are taught basic skating skills (such as stable forwards skating and safe falling) before being assessed for their suitability to move on to more complex skills (such as full-contact Blocking). WARD is a women-only league; however other sexes are welcome to join the Freshmeat training with a view to eventually joining the referee program and becoming part of "Team Zebra".


Logos of the 3 WARD teams: Wards of the Skate (WotS), Electric Screams and Sonic Doom.

WARD is currently the home of four bouting teams and a team of referees:[2]

  • Wards of the Skate (WotS): formed in 2011, WotS is the inter-league All Stars team. Current Captains are Bruiser von Basher and Damanda Respect.
  • WayWARDs: formed in 2012, the WayWARDs are an inter-league or "travel" team. Current Captains are Skatal Attraction and Prescription Mint.
  • Sonic Doom: formed 2010, Sonic Doom is one of the intraleague "Home" teams. Current Captain is Bowie 'sinSkates.
  • Electric Screams: formed 2010, Electric Screams is one of the intraleague "Home" teams. Current Captain is Bubblin' Squeaks.
  • Team Zebra: formed 2010. Current head of reffing is Vector.

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