Western Shugden Society

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Western Shugden Society
Abbreviation WSS
Predecessor Shugden Supporters Community
Headquarters Studio 177, 56 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9RG UK
Parent organization
New Kadampa Tradition
Affiliations International Shugden Community
Website http://www.westernshugdensociety.org/

The Western Shugden Society (or WSS) is a western campaigning group that advocates Dorje Shugden.

Aims of the WSS[edit]

According to their website ,[1] the aims of the WSS are

  • To free practitioners who rely upon the enlightened deity Dorje Shugden and their families from suffering;
  • To restore peace and harmony between Shugden and non-Shugden practitioners;
  • To re-establish the common spiritual activities of Shugden and non-Shugden practitioners in Tibetan monasteries;
  • To free Buddhism from pollution by politics

Academic Views[edit]

Robert Barnett of Columbia University is critical of the WSS:

I also made it clear that the Western Shugden group's allegations are problematic: they are akin to attacking the Pope because some lay Catholics somewhere abuse non-believers or heretics. The Western Shugden Group is severely lacking in credibility, since its form of spirit-worship is heterodox, provocative and highly sectarian in Buddhist terms and so more than likely to be banned from mainstream monasteries – while its claimed concerns about cases of discrimination in India should be addressed by working within the Tibetan community instead of opportunistically attacking the Dalai Lama in order to provoke misinformed publicity for their sect.[2]

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