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Westfield Southland
Southland Shopping Centre, Cheltenham.jpg
Location Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Opening date September 1968

Jointly Owned:

No. of stores and services 416[2]
Total retail floor area 130,033m²[2]
No. of floors
  • 3 (Retail)
  • 6 (Car Park)
Parking 5,980[2]
Website www.westfield.com/southland

Westfield Southland shopping centre is a super regional retail complex located in the suburb of Cheltenham, approximately 16 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD in Victoria, Australia. Southland has a floor area of 130,033m².[2] There are 416 retailers in Southland, including Myer, David Jones and Harris Scarfe. According to the Melbourne 2030 Metropolitan Strategy, Southland is recognised as one of twenty-six Principal Activity Centres.[3] The centre is one of the most profitable shopping centres in Australia, with an annual turnover of $778.5-million in 2011.[2]


Southland was one of Melbourne's premier shopping centres at the time of its opening in September 1968. It was quite a small shopping centre with only a few stores such as a Myer department store, Safeway supermarket, and a special roof garden. Prior to the early 1980s Southland was owned by the Myer Emporium.

During Southland's history, many renovations and facelifts have shaped the centre, such as the first expansion in 1987 and the development of a Village Cinemas complex and food court in 1990. The rooftop garden was removed upon first redevelopment and was replaced with a third level of stores.[4]

1990s redevelopment[edit]

The new centre under construction in 2000.
Northern side of the retail bridge over the Nepean Highway.

Prior to the extension, the 70,000 m² Southland shopping centre had very limited development options.[5] In June 1991, Westfield developers began discussions with the City of Moorabbin about the rezoning of the 60,000 m² Cheltenham market area in order for them to construct a multi-million-dollar extension of Southland as part of a major redevelopment. The original plan was to have replaced the market with a 10-storey office tower and a two-level shopping centre, with a retail bridge connecting the new centre with the existing Westfield Centre over the eight-lane Nepean Highway. The new centre would feature a discount supermarket and a regular supermarket as well as new specialty stores. All up, the whole centre would comprise up to 360 stores. In 1993, planning approval was given by the Minister for Planning Rob Maclellan.

In December 1996, plans were changed in favor of better car park arrangements as well as easier access to the centre. The centre would soon feature more than 400 stores across three levels.[4]

In November 1997, demolition commenced at the Cheltenham market site. In March 1998, the first concrete was poured by the Premier of Victoria Jeff Kennett.[4] The two sites were to be linked by a bridge with shops on it. The former cinemas and food court were demolished, and the wide, multi-level retail-pedestrian-vehicle bridge (largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere[6]) was added. During this time, the Myer anchor moved from the original site to the newer site. Construction was not just limited to the new site with the original site being upgraded to include a new larger cinema complex, in the youth-oriented mall called The Street.

The redevelopment was opened in stages, with The Street opening in April 1999. The main part of the redevelopment, the additional site and bridge were opened on October 28, 1999.[7] The $300 million redevelopment was completed on May 5, 2000, with the opening of the David Jones Department store.[5][8]

Subsequently, another $13 million was used for additional work, which included construction of shaded car park areas, two new car park ramps as well as a large glass window attached to the second level of the retail bridge, which has views 16 kilometres in the distance of the Melbourne CBD.[5]


View from Nepean Highway (East side)
View from Nepean Highway (West side)

Westfield Southland features up to 410 stores including 3 department stores, 3 discount department stores, 3 supermarkets, 3 electrical (computers, television etc.) retailers and a 16 screen Village Cinemas Multiplex (movie theatre).[9]

Major stores

Minor stores

Former stores

Multiple stores[edit]

Like many major shopping centres in Australia, Southland features multiple instances of food outlets within its confines. For example, there are three Gloria Jean's stores and Donut King kiosks and two Muffin Break stores that service separate sections. There are also two McDonald's stores and two Specsavers Optometrists.

Southland in film and television[edit]

A large number of scenes for the Seven Network comedy Kath & Kim were filmed at Southland. In the programme the centre is designated as Fountain Gate, where some of the shopping scenes are also filmed. The centre is also featured in multiple episodes of the ABC2 television drama-comedy series Please Like Me[10]



Westfield Southland has a major bus interchange located on the corner of Karen Street and Nepean Highway. This bus interchange has 11 Melbourne Metlink routes (600/922/923, 631, 708, 767, 811/812, 821, 822, 823, 825, 828).


Westfield Southland is a fifteen-minute walk or a short bus ride from Cheltenham railway station.

In late November 2010, the Victorian Government promised a railway station to be built at Southland in the next term, to serve the busy shopping centre. The railway station will cost approximately $13-million and it will have two platforms. The station will be a Premium station located on the Frankston line, adjacent to Southland.[11] A railway station had been proposed for the retail complex since as early as 1991.[4]

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