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Westfield Warrawong
Location Warrawong, New South Wales, Australia
Coordinates 34°29′10″S 150°53′22″E / 34.4861°S 150.8894°E / -34.4861; 150.8894
Opening date 1960
Management Scentre Group [1]
Owner Scentre Group
No. of stores and services 140[2]
No. of anchor tenants 3[2]
Total retail floor area 57,582 m2 (619,807 sq ft)[2]
No. of floors 2
Parking 2,167 spaces[2]
Website westfield.com/warrawong
Information from Westfield and the City of Wollongong[2][3]

Westfield Warrawong is a major shopping centre located in Warrawong, a suburb of Wollongong. With a retail floor area of 57,582 m2 (619,807 sq ft), it is currently the second largest shopping centre in the Illawarra region.

History and development[edit]

Westfield Warrawong was not always part of the Westfield Portfolio. Originally opened in 1960 as Lake Market Shopping Centre, it was acquired by the Westfield Group in 1985.[2]

The centre has a current catchment area of 246,680 persons, and retail spending in the catchment area estimated at A$2.3 billion (2005).[2] Annual turnover at the centre for 2005 was $190.4 million with 5.4 million visitors per year.[2] In a 2004 survey conducted by the local city council, it found that the majority of visitors to the centre were attracted by its discount department stores.[4]


Upon acquisition by The Westfield Group, the centre was extensively redeveloped and relaunched as Westfield Warrawong in 1988.[2] Further extensions were conducted in 1996, adding a 6,000 m2 (64,583 sq ft) Big W to the centre.[2][5]

Previously, a Big W department store had been an occupant of the centre from 1965, however due to a change in retailling strategy by parent company Woolworths Limited, the then-two-level store was sold to David Jones Limited on April 19, 1971 and converted to a David Jones store which in turn was closed sometime in the mid '80s. By 2011, the centre had grown to 57,582 m2 (619,807 sq ft) with 140 retailers.[6]


In 1999, the centre received significant global coverage of its efforts to deal with shoplifting and anti-social behaivour.[7][8] In an effort to discourage local youth using the centre as a gathering place, the management used the centre's public address system to play older style music, including Bing Crosby's 1938 song "My Heart Is Taking Lessons".[7][8]

On 21 September 2004, a man sitting beside a tree outside the centre was the victim of a vehicle accident.[9] The man died after being hit by an out of control hatchback as he stood next to a tree outside the centre.[9]

In March 2005, local bus company Premier Illawarra gave serious consideration to suspending one of its Thursday evening services from the centre due to months of increased vandalism and anti-social behaivour.[10] Despite the efforts of bus inspectors and transit police, very little had been achieved to curb the problems.[10]


The centre is serviced by a public bus service operated by Premier Illawarra.


Major retailers[edit]

Major retailers operating within the shopping centre include;[2]

Major food restaurants[edit]

Major food retailers within the centre include;[11]

Former retailers and restaurants[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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