Westgate, Columbus, Ohio

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A residential street in Westgate.

Westgate is a community within the Hilltop area of Columbus, Ohio. It was constructed partially on land formerly housing the American Civil War Camp Chase and Confederate prison. After the Civil War, the land was purchased by Joseph Binns and his associates to be used to start a Mennonite community. These plans failed to materialize and the land was developed as a "streetcar suburb" in the 1920s. Located 4 miles (6.4 km) west of downtown, the neighborhood also is home to Westgate Park and Recreation Center, Westgate Alternative Elementary School, St. Mary Magdalene Church and school, and Parkview United Methodist Church. The area near Westgate is home to the Hilltop branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, West High School, and Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery. About 4,500 residents live in 2,100 households within the Westgate boundaries. The boundaries are W. Broad Street to the North, Demorest Road to the West, Sullivant to the South, and Roys Ave. to the East.

Local newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch, named Westgate one of the 10 best neighborhoods to live in the City of Columbus in August 2008.

Housing costs in the area typically run from the low $90,000s to the mid $140,000s.

Westgate is in Precinct 19 of the Columbus Division of Police.

Summer Jam Westgate http://www.summerjamwestgate.org is the free arts and music festival held annually in Westgate Park. Live music, local art, local poetry, local artisans are all part of this event.

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