Westminster School Boat Club

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Westminster School Boat Club
Westminster School Boat Club early morning.jpg
Image showing the rowing club's blade colours
Location Putney, London United Kingdom
Home water River Thames
Founded 1813
Affiliations British Rowing
Website www.wsbc.org.uk
Schools' Head of the River Race
Notable members
Dan Topolski

Westminster School Boat Club is one of the oldest rowing clubs in the world, with records dating back to 1813. Crews containing boys and girls who attend, or are affiliated to, Westminster School are formed to race at all levels of school rowing. The boat house is also that of the Elizabethan Boat Club, made up of alumni, who compete in major domestic and international races.


Recent successes[edit]

Women's Eights Head of the River Race 2012:

Schools' Head of the River Race 2012:

  • 39th place (4th in J16Ch8+), Westminster, 00:17:55
  • 80th place (1st in J4-), Westminster, 00:18:41
  • 93rd place (1st in J4+), Westminster, 00:18:53
  • 140th place (1st in J154+), Westminster, 00:19:38

Nottingham City Regatta Finals 2012:

  • 1st place, IM2.1x
  • 1st place, IM3.1x
  • 1st place, W.ELI.1x
  • 1st place, NOV.1x
  • 1st place, J17.1x
  • 2nd place, W.IM3.1x
  • 2nd place, NOV.1x
  • 3rd place, J18.1x
  • 3rd place, IM2.1x
  • 4th place, W.J18.1x
  • 5th place, IM3.1x
  • 5th place, IM2.1x
  • 5th place, J17.1x

Wallingford Regatta Finals 2012:

  • 1st place, IM1.1x
  • 1st place, IM3.1x
  • 2nd place, IM3.1x
  • 2nd place, J18A.1x
  • 2nd place, J15A.4x+
  • 3rd place, J18A.1x

Reading Amateur Regatta Saturday Finals 2012:

  • 1st place, Elite 4x-
  • 1st place, J15 4x-

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