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Westside Community Schools, also known locally as District 66, is Omaha's 3rd largest school district. The district has one high school, one middle school, ten elementary schools, and one alternative high school. The district is in the center-west part of Omaha, between the Omaha Public Schools district and the Millard Public Schools district. Westside also has over 2,000 "opt-in" students, with most coming from OPS.

The high school, Westside High School, has purchased about 2,000 MacBook computers in the "1:1 Initiative". Each high school student is issued one at the beginning of the year. They are used by the student throughout the school year, and then returned at the end of this time. The intent of the initiative was to offer each student the same technological opportunities.

Westside Middle School has followed in the footsteps of the high school and has bought about 1,000 computers for the 7th and 8th graders with the same rules and constraints as the high schoolers.

Elementary school students also have access to MacBook computers as well as iPads.

In 2012, the board of education announced that Dr. Blane McCann was selected as superintendent.[1]


  • Westside High School
  • Westside Middle School
  • Hillside Elementary
  • Loveland Elementary
  • Oakdale Elementary
  • Paddock Road Elementary
  • Prairie Lane Elementary
  • Rockbrook Elementary
  • Sunset Hills Elementary
  • Swanson Elementary
  • Westbrook Elementary
  • Westgate Elementary

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