Westview Centennial Secondary School

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Westview Centennial Secondary School
Westview Centennial SS.JPG
Nos Omnia Tentemus
Let Us Attempt All Things
755 Oakdale Road
University Heights, North York, Ontario, M3N 1W7, Canada
Coordinates 43°45′09″N 79°31′31″W / 43.75252°N 79.52519°W / 43.75252; -79.52519Coordinates: 43°45′09″N 79°31′31″W / 43.75252°N 79.52519°W / 43.75252; -79.52519
Public transit access TTC:
West/East: 36 Finch West, 84D Sheppard West
Rapid Transit: Downsview, Finch
School number 3448 / 952818
School board Toronto District School Board
(North York Board of Education)
Superintendent Jacqueline Spence
Area trustee Stephnie Payne
Principal Allan Easton
Vice Principals Bruno Berto
Charmine Gayle-Bonner
Lauriston Maloney
School type Public High school
Grades 9-12
Language English
Area Toronto
Mascot Wildcat
Team name Westview Zebras
Colours Green, White, and Black             
Founded 1967
Enrollment 1305 (2013-14)
Homepage Westview Centennial Secondary School

Westview Centennial Secondary School (Westview Centennial SS, WCSS, or Westview in short) is a semestered public high school with a student body of about 1305 students located in North York, Ontario, Canada under the sanction of the North York Board of Education that later assimilated into the Toronto District School Board.


Westview Centennial was founded in 1967. The reason for Centennial being added to the school's name is for the reason that the school was built 100 years after Canada had claimed its independence from England.

Sport teams[edit]

Ball team Volleyball team Soccer team Track team cross country team Golf team

Fun Hobbies[edit]

Frisbee, Badminton, Dodgeball, Ping pong and Chess

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