Westville Girls' High School

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Westville Girls' High School
WBHS badge
Motto Incepto ne destitam
Stay the course or
May I not shrink from my purpose
Established January 1964
Type Public school
Principal Catherine Raw
Grades 8 to 12
Location Westville Road,
Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Colours Navy blue, Maroon and White
houses 8
National ranking Top Girls' School in South Africa
Website http://www.wghs.co.za/

Westville Girls' High School,(or WGHS), is a public school for girls in Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Classes are split based on the students’ academic ability, in order to help students reach their maximum potential. Auxiliary lessons are offered in both Mathematics and Physical science after school. The school offers a variety of subjects to learners when they make their subject choices in Grade 9.

The school has an extensive Awards Policy and recognizes pupils who exceed in academics, sports and cultural activities. Students receive merit certificates, half colours or full colours in all three activities based in their performance. Sports Union Awards, as well as the new Arts Academy awards, are put in place to ensure that students who excel in activities outside of school are recognised for their achievements.

Academic and Cultural colours are in the form of blue, white and red cord which is sewn around the edge and pockets of the uniform blazer. Sports colours are in the form of maroon cord. Half colours and full colours recipients receive scrolls which are sewn on to the blazer. Colours Cum Laude and Honours Blazers are also awarded, but to learners who have excelled at a high level in their activity (e.g.: U16 South African Netball team, U16 KZN Softball Team). These two awards are the highest and most prestigious awards.

The school was founded in January 1964 with 219 pupils, when Westville High School was split into two single-sex schools, and has grown to the around 1100 pupils.

It has a house system with eight houses. The houses were named after iconic women of history Sisulu (Yellow) Courtny Latimer( Dark Blue) Snedden (Red), Palmer (Pink), Curie(Green), and Campbell (Purple).

In 2011 new houses were added to accommodate the growing rise of students. These are Meer (Turquoise) and Maxeke (Orange).

The emblem of the WGHS badge is a shield, quartered by the red cross of St. George. In the upper left-hand quarter is the griffin taken from the coat of arms of Martin West, the first Lieutenant-Governor of Natal, after whom Westville is named. In legend, griffins are portrayed with a lion's body, an eagle's head, long ears, and an eagle's claws, to indicate that one must combine intelligence with strength. The upper right and lower left divisions contain the Book of Knowledge and the Lamp of learning respectively. Represented in the lower right quarter is the familiar historic monument, the Outspan Tree, which is in Jan Hofmeyr Road, where the ox-wagons made their first stop after leaving Durban.

The School's Motto "Incepto ne Disistam" means "May I not Shrink from my Purpose".

Westville Girls High School has recently celebrated its 50th birthday.


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