Wet!Wet!Wet!/Keith n' Me

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"Wet!Wet!Wet!/Keith N' Me"
Single by Princess Superstar
Released August 20, 2001
August 20, 2002 (re-release)
Genre Hip hop
Label K7
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Wet!Wet!Wet!/Keith N' Me
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Wet!Wet!Wet!/Keith N' Me is a single that was originally released as a 7" single with seven tracks, but was re-released as a single on iTunes with less tracks. Keith N' Me was then released as the 3rd single from Princess Superstar Is in 2002.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Keith 'N Me"
  2. "Keith 'N Me (Remix)"
  3. "Keith 'N Me (Instrumental)"
  4. "Wet!Wet!Wet!"
  5. "Wet!Wet!Wet! (Radio Version)"
  6. "Wet!Wet!Wet! (Instrumental)"
  7. "Wet!Wet!Wet! (Acappella)"


  1. "Wet!Wet!Wet! (Radio Version)"
  2. "Wet!Wet!Wet!"
  3. "Keith 'N Me"
  4. "Keith 'N Me (Remix)"