Weyib River

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Weyib River
Map of the Jubba/Shebelle drainage basin with the Weyib River (Gestro) at the center
Origin Bale Mountains
Mouth 4°17′12″N 42°2′35″E / 4.28667°N 42.04306°E / 4.28667; 42.04306Coordinates: 4°17′12″N 42°2′35″E / 4.28667°N 42.04306°E / 4.28667; 42.04306 into Ganale Dorya River
Basin countries Ethiopia
Length 450 km
Mouth elevation 181 m
Basin area 3800 km2

Weyib River (also Webi Gestro; Wabē Gestro or Web River)[1] is a river of eastern Ethiopia. It rises in the Bale Mountains east of Goba in the Oromia Region, flowing east to pass through the Sof Omar Caves,[2] then to the southeast until it joins the Ganale Dorya River in the Somali Region.


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