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Wezilo, died 1088, was Archbishop of Mainz from 1084-88. He was a leading supporter of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV in the Investiture Controversy, and of Antipope Clement III.

A priest in Halberstadt, Wezilo owed his promotion to the support of Henry IV. In 1085 he negotiated on behalf of the emperor with the papal legate, the future Pope Urban II, and in the same year he was convicted of simony and excommunicated by the pro-papal Synod of Quedlinburg.[1]

In May 1087 the forces of Clement III and "the imperialist prefect Wezilo" forced Pope Victor III to retreat from Rome.[2]

Wezilo was buried in Mainz Cathedral.

Preceded by
Siegfried I
Archbishop of Mainz
Succeeded by
Ruthard of Mainz


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