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Developer(s) Presto Studios
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Designer(s) Phil Saunders (Lead)
Composer(s) Jamey Scott
Engine Sprint Engine
Platform(s) Xbox
Release date(s)
  • NA October 8, 2002
  • EU November 29, 2002
  • JP January 16, 2003
Genre(s) Party
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Whacked! is a video game developed by Presto Studios and released in 2002 by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox. It is a gameshow in which creatures compete for the Prize, whatever they wish, by hitting each other with objects such as missiles, hammers and pitchforks.


There are 7 different characters, and even more levels. Levels are usually absurd or surreal, such as the back of a pickup truck involved in a police chase, up in space, on top of buildings, under a Christmas tree, in the Arctic pipeline, at the scene of a car crash, on the roof "Club Baño", in a toy pirate ship floating in a bathtub of electrified water, and a kitchen sink (a reference to the colloquialism "Everything but the kitchen sink").

Xbox Live[edit]

The game was key to the beta testing of Xbox Live as it and MotoGP demos were distributed to the beta testers. The same Live enabled demos were originally given out for one year with the purchase of the Xbox Live starter kit.[1]

At this time Whacked! is playable on the Xbox 360 however as of 2010 Xbox live gameplay is not supported.


The Story begins with seven different contestants, each one of which reflects one of the seven deadly sins:

  • Greed: A greedy girl ironically named Charity
  • Gluttony: An oil-eating monster born from a single cell called Tooth
  • Anger: A rabbit with a bad temper who is missing all his feet ironically named Lucky
  • Envy: A flightless green bird with a split personality named Eugene who is desperately trying to fly and who still lives with his mother
  • Lust: A seductive blue-haired woman who wears a flimsy plastic dress named Lucy
  • Sloth: A pale white man named Otto who is constantly sleeping in a living chair (which is love with Lucy and vice versa)
  • Pride: an anthropomorphic lion who is obsessed with exercise named Lance

The characters compete in a game show run by Van Tastic, the host (who is a caricature of Elvis Presley), for the mystery prize (which is revealed to be nothing mid-game). The contestants are pitted against each other in different games, such as Dodgeball, King of the Hill, Fragfest, and more. After someone wins the game, the network director calls and cancels the game show and fires Van Tastic. In a rage, Van Tastic destroys the set (revealing it to be Hell), and reveals his true form - the Devil - and tries to kill the contestant who won with the help of his minions (who he refers to as some of his old college buddies). In the final fight, the winning contestant fights and defeats Van Tastic, finally claiming their desire, which varies depending on the character: a chance to sit in the chair (Lucy's wish), an endless pile of meat (Tooth's wish), freedom from Otto and a visit from Lucy (the chair's wish), everything in the world (Eugene's wish- which leaves him disappointed - and Charity's wish - which leaves her happy), a giant action figure of himself (Lance's wish) or a mechanical foot/weapon and endless targets and ammo (Lucky's wish). In a surprising twist, after the player gets their wish, the network director calls and says that Van Tastic and his show are back on the air.


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