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Whale Rock Light

Whale Rock/Submarine Rock is the smallest island in Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. Submarine/Whale Rock is located in the West Passage of the bay, in Narragansett, Washington County, Rhode Island, west of the Beavertail area on Conanicut Island (Jamestown, Rhode Island). The island received its name because it is shaped like a whale's back or submarine's bow; it was responsible for numerous shipwrecks prior to the construction of a lighthouse. Whale Rock Light was built on the rock in 1882, but the Hurricane of 1938 destroyed the lighthouse, killing the keeper. Today only part of the lighthouse foundation remains on the rock.

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Coordinates: 41°26′37″N 71°25′25″W / 41.44361°N 71.42361°W / 41.44361; -71.42361