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Whalley can mean:



  • Allan Mark Whalley, real name of Boff Whalley
  • Arthur Whalley (February 17, 1886 – November 23, 1952) was an English football player.
  • Bert Whalley (August 6, 1913 - February 6, 1958) was a professional footballer for Manchester United from 1935 till 1946
  • Boff Whalley, lead guitarist for the band Chumbawamba
  • Edward Whalley (c. 1607 – c. 1675) was an English military leader during the English Civil War
  • Gareth Whalley, an English born footballer who qualifies to play for the Republic of Ireland under the parentage rule
  • George Hammond Whalley, (January 22 1813 – October 8 1878) was a British lawyer and politician
  • Hampden Whalley (born 1851) was a British politician and soldier, son of George Hammond Whalley
  • J. Irving Whalley (September 14, 1902 –March 8, 1980) was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
  • Joan Whalley was the artistic director of Twelfth Night Theatre in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from 1960–1976
  • Joanne Whalley is an English actress
  • Lawrence Whalley is Crombie Ross Professor of Mental Health in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland,
  • Michael Whalley was a Republican member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives
  • Nigel Whalley, a member of a band called The Quarrymen
  • George Whalley, an accomplished Canadian man of letters
  • Paul Whalley, a young London-based musician and composer
  • Paul E.S. Whalley (fl. mid-late 20th century), British entomologist
  • Peter Whalley, was a Canadian cartoonist and sculptor
  • Shaun Whalley, an English footballer currently playing for Wrexham

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