What a Joke

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What a Joke
Studio album by Deliverance
Released 1991
Genre Christian metal, speed metal, thrash metal, comedy metal
Length 46:11
Label Intense Records (1991)
Producer George Ochoa
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What a Joke
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What a Joke is a 1991 album by the Christian speed/thrash metal band Deliverance. It features many short "joke" songs, hence the title of the album. The album speaks out against those who think the idea of combining Christianity and heavy metal is evil, especially in the song "It's the Beat". "Silent Night" is a cover of the traditional Christmas carol and "After Forever" is a Black Sabbath cover. After being out of print for many years, the album was reissued in 2011 with new cover art on Intense Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro" 0:18
  2. "Prophet of Idiocy" 3:25
  3. "Pseudo Intellectual" 7:15
  4. "Cheeseburger Maker Du" 0:07
  5. "What A Joke" 6:20
  6. "Chipped Beef" 2:02
  7. "After Forever" (Black Sabbath cover) 5:25
  8. "It's the Beat" 1:56
  9. "A Product of Society" 4:42
  10. "Happy Star" 0:03
  11. "J.P.D." 0:18
  12. "Pray" 0:38
  13. "Silent Night" 4:57
  14. "J.I.G." 2:09
  15. "Purgatory Sandwich with Mustard" 2:58
  16. "Attack" 3:38
  17. "Strings of Sorrow" 1:42 (2011 Bonus Track)