What the Butler Saw (The Avengers)

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"What the Butler Saw"
The Avengers episode
The Avengers What the Butler Saw.jpg
Screen title
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 22
Directed by Bill Bain
Written by Philip Levene
Produced by Brian Clemens
Featured music Laurie Johnson
Production code 4-22
Original air date 25 February 1966 (1966-02-25)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"A Touch of Brimstone"
Next →
"The House That Jack Built"
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"What the Butler Saw" is the twenty-second episode of the fourth series of the 1960s cult British spy-fi television series The Avengers, starring Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg. It originally aired on ABC on 25 February 1966. The episode was directed by Bill Bain and written by Philip Levene.[1]


A butler asks for a pay rise and another butler, Benson, is hailed and hands a gun on a plate to a hidden man in a chair to kill the butler, whose body is then dropped in the lake. Steed visits a barber for a shave and his barber is stabbed by the man in the chair next to him. Steed investigates the disappearance of the butler, disguised first as a Commander and then as a Major. Brigadier "Percy" Ponsonby-Goddard informs Steed he is unwell and asks him to return at a later date. His butler is later discovered stabbed. It seems that state secrets are being stolen and only three men are suspected. Mrs Peel visits Group Capt. "Georgie" Miles, a man susceptible to a pretty face, in order to learn more about him. She seduces him by placing photographs herself all around him and is then invited to dinner.

Steed visits the training academy which the murdered butlers attended and discovers that Hubert Hemming is both head of the academy and under the employ of Miles. Steed enrolls at the academy and polishes shoes, presses trousers and practices as a butler in his training, adhering to their motto, "Brighter, Better, More Beautiful Butling".[2] He impresses Hemming, but Hemming's own butler Benson is suspicious and knows Steed to be an imposter. Hemming is later working for Miles whilst he (Miles) is at a conference; Hemming is later lured away and killed by Benson, who returns the gun to the hidden man in the chair. He promises to kill Steed, who discovers Hemming's body. Benson holds Steed at gunpoint and informs him that he is aware of his false references but employs him anyway. Benson sends Steed to butler for Miles, whilst Miles is forcibly attempting to romance Mrs Peel. Later, Steed and several other butlers get instructions to pour wine over Miles and the others attending the private conference and their jackets are taken by Benson. Steed and Mrs Peel discover that Benson has hidden recorders in the jackets and is giving the secrets to his real boss, the hidden man in the chair, now revealed as no high officer at all. He makes the usual villainous mistake of trying to overpower Mrs Peel in hand to hand combat. The cheerful victors fly off in a helicopter.



Production for the episode was completed from mid-late December 1965 to early January 1966.[3]


Lamp stands shaped Minoan bulls used to decorate Miles's bachelor pad, designed by Harry Pottle, started retailing in a department in London six months after the episode was aired and have been cited as having "overtones of virility and eroticism and evidently considered highly saleable".[4]


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