Wheelchair basketball at the 1984 Summer Paralympics

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Wheelchair basketball
at the VII Paralympic Games
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Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball
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Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
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Wheelchair basketball at the 1984 Summer Paralympics consisted of men's and women's team events.

Medal summary[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's team
 France (FRA)

Philippe Baye
Eric Benault
Andre Chauve
Maurice Claeys
Michel Gradelle
Marc Guillemain
Michel Izanic
Pascal Kaczmarcyk
Dominique Marchegiani
Celestin Parsemain
Jean-Yves Regnault
Jean-Jacques Reigni

 Netherlands (NED)

Bob van der Broeck
Jan Dijs
Ron van Gelderen
Ben Klerks
Henk Makkenze
Bert van der Sommen
Frits Streyl
Peter van Velzen
Harrie Venema
Frits Wiegmann

 Sweden (SWE)

Nils Ander
Lars-Gunnar Andersson
Lars Arkestedt
Gunnar Berglund
Sven Engbusk
Gunnar Jangbring
Bengt-Gosta Johansson
Rolf Johansson
Jan Lindholm
Lars Lofstrom
Bengt-Gosta Nystrom
Tommy Olsson

Women's team
 West Germany (FRG)  Israel (ISR)  Japan (JPN)

Source: Paralympic.org [1]

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