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"The Window Cleaner" (also known as "When I'm Cleaning Windows") is a comedy song performed by Lancastrian comic, actor and ukulele player George Formby. It first appeared in the 1936 film Keep Your Seats Please. The song was credited as written by Fred Cliff, Harry Gifford and Formby.[1]

The song was so successful that George Formby recorded another version of the song entitled "The Window Cleaner (No. 2)". This song uses similar orchestration to the original version and it is about further things which were seen on a window cleaning round.

The song also appeared in the PlayStation 2 game, EyeToy: Play.

The song made an appearance on American Dad, with brief lines being sung by Avery Bullock in the episode "Failure is not a Factory-Installed Option"

A dance mix of the song, sampling the first eight lines of Formby's original vocals from the first version, appeared in the UK Singles Chart in December 1994 by 2 in a Tent, who were Amadeus Mozart and Andy Pickles (Jive Bunny/Hyperlogic).[2] The Video for this release features Mozart, Pickles and Stars in their eyes finalist David Clarke as George Formby.


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