When the Boys Meet the Girls (album)

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When the Boys Meet The Girls
Studio album by Sister Sledge
Released 1985
Genre R&B, soul, disco
Label Atlantic
Producer Nile Rodgers
Sister Sledge chronology
Bet Cha Say That to All the Girls
When the Boys Meet the Girls
African Eyes

When the Boys Meet the Girls is the eighth album by American funk, disco and R&B musical Group Sister Sledge that consisted of four sisters. It reached No. 19 in the UK charts and went Gold.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1
  1. "When the Boys Meet the Girls" (Mary Unobsky/Danny Irinstone)
  2. "Dancing on the Jagged Edge" (David Bryant/Dennis Herring/Lorelei McBroom)
  3. "Frankie" (Joy Denny)
  4. "You’re Fine" (Dave Conley/Bernard Jackson/David Townsend)
Side 2
  1. "Hold Out Poppy" (Kathy Sledge Lightfoot/Charles Kelly)
  2. "The Boy Most Likely" (Nile Rodgers)
  3. "You Need Me" (Kathy Sledge Lightfoot/Tony Maiden)
  4. "Following the Leader" (Kathy Sledge Lightfoot/Philip Lightfoot)
  5. "Peer Pressure" (Joni Sledge/Tony Maiden)

Two singles from the album charted in the UK, "Frankie" at No.1 (went Gold), and "Dancing on the Jagged Edge" at No. 50.[1]

Sisters Sledge[edit]

  • Debbie Sledge (born July 9, 1954)
  • Joni Sledge (born September 13, 1956)
  • Kim Sledge (born August 21, 1957)
  • Kathy Sledge (born January 6, 1959)


  • Jimmy Bralower – Drums & percussion
  • Nile Rodgers – Guitar, Synclavier, vocal
  • Rob Sabino – DX7 (bass, Prophet 5
  • Raymond Jones – DX7, OB8, piano
  • Mac Gollehon – Trumpet
  • Herbie Hancock – DX7
  • Lennie Picket – Flute & Saxophone
  • Steve Elson – Flute
  • James Farber – Synclavier (bass)
  • Tommy Rock Jymi – Bass, Synclavier
  • The Borneo Horns (Lenny Picket – Tenor Saxophone, Steve Elson – Baritone Saxophone, Stan Harrison – Alto Saxophone. Horns arranged and conducted by Nile Rodgers
  • Synclavier programming by Kevin Jones


  • Recorded at and mixed by James Farber
  • Sound engineer: Eric Mohler
  • Additional engineering by Malcolm Pollack and Bobby Warner
  • Additional second engineers: Eddie Delena, Garry Rindfuss and Ira McLaughlin
  • Recorded and mixed at Power Station, New York
  • Additional recording at Record Plant, L.A., California and Atlantic Studios, N.Y.
  • Production Managers: Budd Tunick & Kevin Jones