Where in the World Is Matt Lauer?

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Where in the World is Matt Lauer?
Starring Matt Lauer
Opening theme "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?"
Country of origin  United States
Original channel NBC
Original run April 27, 1998 – present
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Where in the World is Matt Lauer? is a segment on NBC's Today show, which features co-host Matt Lauer traveling the world to various locations within one week. The title is similar to the children's computer game and PBS game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, and the segment's opening theme for a time was a take on Rockapella's theme song for the game show. The current theme is by 615 Music. In most seasons, the Today Show co-hosts weren't informed in advance of Matt Lauer's location, and would make guesses before the location was revealed, based on a clue he offered (his appearance at this point was a close-up camera shot which didn't reveal anything about his location).

The planned Season 10 (2009) of Where in the World is Matt Lauer was planned to be replaced for the year by a domestic road trip called "Today Takes a Vacation" due to the economic downturn. That series was pushed back to mid-summer of 2009 due to the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak of the spring.[1]

Matt's Travel Locations[edit]

Season 1 (1998)[edit]

April 27 – May 1

Season 2 (1999)[edit]

May 10 – May 14

Season 3 (2000)[edit]

May 1 – May 5

Season 4 (2001)[edit]

May 7 – May 11

  • Day 1: May 7, 2001 Peru Machu Picchu, Peru Clue: "A manly Pokémon."
  • Day 2: May 8, 2001 United Kingdom North Sea (Britannia oil platform) Clues: "The city where I am has no roads, but the people here require more gas than just about any other city where we've ever been." "The highest point in this city is about 410 feet above sea level; the lowest point is about 420 feet below sea level."
  • Day 3: May 9, 2001 France Paris, France Clues: "There are two banks here. Both are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day." "Up until very recently, there was a law here that said no building could be built higher than 66 feet."
  • Day 4: May 10, 2001 Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
  • Day 5: May 11, 2001 Greece Mykonos, Greece Clue: "I'm not in Marrakech. I'm not at the Matterhorn. I'm not at Stonehenge. And I'm not in Amsterdam." (These were the other four choices used in an Internet poll to decide the Day 5 destination.)

Season 5 (2002)[edit]

May 13 – May 17

Season 6 (2004)[edit]

February 9 – February 13

Season 7 (2005)[edit]

November 7 – November 11

Day Date Location Clue
1 November 7, 2005 Chile Easter Island, Chile "The Shuttle could land here in a pinch without turning heads."
2 November 8, 2005 Panama Panama Canal and Colón, Panama "People are still asking me about the one I got in 2002, which was almost 90 years after this most famous one was built."
3 November 9, 2005 Austria Innsbruck, Austria "The gold flowed here for a second time after a bust in the Rocky Mountains."
4 November 10, 2005 China Shanghai, China "This river city is known for its shopping, but the surprise is there is no Eiffel Tower."
5 November 11, 2005 Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia (Dalmatian Coast) "We've jumbled Cruella's evil plan."

Season 8 (2007)[edit]

April 30 – May 4

Day Date Location Clue
1 April 30, 2007 United States Everett, Washington, USA (Boeing Everett Factory) "This is the second time we've stopped in this country, but our last four trips all began here."
2 May 1, 2007 Republic of Ireland County Clare (Cliffs of Moher) and Galway, Ireland "Clare speaks the language. But if you need translation, you'll find Ann holding it down when some of us hit the road."
3 May 2, 2007 Bhutan Paro, Bhutan "As the son also rises, power is money here, with billions on the horizon."
4 May 3, 2007 United Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates "Although we can't top the Himalayas, we will sail to new heights in a place that will soon host the world."
5 May 4, 2007 South Africa Cape of Good Hope and Cape Town, South Africa "To the West, it is 10 degrees colder. To the East, there is warmth in the air. To the North, there's a seat at the table. To the South, there's a formal affair."

Season 9 (2008)[edit]

April 28 – May 2

Day Date Location Clue
1 April 28, 2008 Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina "We'll travel great distances in almost no time and let a fair wind take us to a place where the people look in their prime...but the prime rate won't bust the bank."
2 April 29, 2008 Netherlands Schermerhorn and Amsterdam, Netherlands "The people in our second destination are accustomed to being looked down upon...we'll let the winds lead us to them...and we should get there on time...unless we stop for the lights."
3 April 30, 2008 Laos Vientiane, Laos "The country is an anagram of a synonym of a homophone of an even prime number." (prime number= two; homophone= too; synonym= also, anagram= (of also) Laos)
4 May 1, 2008 Turkey Istanbul, Turkey "The prime rate you guessed, the red lights you saw through. The anagram even proved easy to chew. In this place you can rock and there's one heck of a mall, with a turn of the head, different continents call."
5 May 2, 2008 Seychelles Praslin, Seychelles "Many come here to see the natural wonders, but the national symbol is for your eyes only."

Season 10 (2011)[edit]

November 7 – November 11

Day Date Location Clue
1 November 7, 2011 Namibia Walvis Bay, Namibia "It conjures up thoughts of a child's worst fright, but there are no people to scare in this skier's delight."
2 November 8, 2011 Spain Madrid, Spain "Don Pardo might say it is a 'Pin in Earth in blue sea.' Its cup runneth over, high in the sky, where the best things can be free!"
3 November 9, 2011 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia "It may seem a bit unlucky, but we've moved ahead without you as we take an "L" to welcome you to this bridge over dry land."
4 November 10, 2011 Switzerland Jungfraujoch, Switzerland "Time is of the essence as we train our sights on where it all began for us back in 1998."
5 November 11, 2011 Barbados Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados "With the Alps to our backs, we make tracks for a party of epic proportions."

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