Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day)

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1931 sheet music cover, DeSylva, Brown and Henderson Music Publishers, New York.

"Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day)" was the theme Bing Crosby selected for his radio show. It was recorded in November 1931, backed by Bennie Krueger's band. The song was featured in a Mack Sennett movie short starring Bing Crosby.

The song was originally "When the Gold of the Day Meets the Blue of the Night", but the title was changed before recording. Because Crosby contributed to the lyrics of the song, writers Roy Turk and Fred E. Ahlert included him in the songwriting credit. Although the song was popular and successful, Crosby did not take special pride in having written it, saying much later, "I really think I'd trade anything I've ever done if I could have written just one hit song." The Bing Crosby composition "At Your Command" was, however, number one for three weeks on the U.S. pop singles chart in 1931 and "I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You", which he also co-wrote, is one of the most recorded pop and jazz standards of the 1930s. The recording reached #4 on the Billboard pop singles chart in 1932.[1] Crosby charted again with the song in 1940, hitting #27 on charts with it in that year.

The 1958 remake by Tommy Mara entered the Billboard and Cashbox Top 100s.

The song was recorded by Russ Colombo, Will Rogers,[2] Eddie Fisher, Rosemary Clooney, Hank Locklin, who reached #35 on the Billboard country chart in 1969, Glenn Cross, Johnny Knight, Phil Crosby, Robin Ward, Harold Van Emburgh, and also in 1969 by The Bachelors, a popular Irish band. The song "When the Deal Goes Down" by Bob Dylan is based on the melody of this song, although performed as a waltz.



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