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Type Private
Industry Data Warehousing
Founded Auckland, NZ (1999)
Headquarters Beaverton, Oregon, Auckland, New Zealand, Reading, United Kingdom
Key people Michael Whitehead
Wayne Richmond
Mark Budzinski
Marc Demarest
Products WhereScape 3D, WhereScape RED
Employees 50+
Website www.wherescape.com

WhereScape is a data warehousing software company with offices in Beaverton, Oregon, Auckland, New Zealand and Reading, United Kingdom.


WhereScape was originally founded in Auckland, New Zealand[1] during 1999 by co-founders Michael Whitehead (CEO) and Wayne Richmond (CTO).[2] The company was formerly named Profit Management Systems, but officially renamed to WhereScape in 2002 when they expanded to America.[2]

WhereScape operate out of regional headquarters in Beaverton – Oregon, Auckland – New Zealand, Reading  – England and Pune - India.[1] As of 2013 the company has over 600 customers in 20 countries and a turnover of around $18 million (NZD).[3] Sales channels vary by country but can be either direct sales or through local partners. WhereScape also have partnerships with third-party companies that embed WhereScape software in their solutions.[4]

WhereScape Products[edit]

WhereScape’s products are used in business intelligence projects in commercial environments. Project applications include normal-form enterprise data warehouses, data vaults, data marts and reporting systems.[5]

WhereScape 3D[edit]

WhereScape 3D is a data driven design tool used in planning and reality testing for data warehousing and business intelligence projects. The product produces project design documentation and an implementation-ready design through the process of source and target exploration and modelling, usability and data legibility, and scoping, sizing and costing activities. WhereScape 3D is compatible with WhereScape RED for automated build-out, or can be used for input to a manual build or a third party tool set.[6]

WhereScape RED[edit]

This integrated development environment (IDE) is used for building, deploying, managing and renovating data warehouses and data marts.[7] WhereScape RED unites source system exploration, ETL, dimensional and normal-form target schema design, and dependent cube-building construction with an integrated operations and management environment and a metadata repository, All build-and-operate metadata is customizable, rewritable and stored in a central, managed and versioned repository.[8]

The software creates a repository database for business data, data warehouse metadata and code one of the supported database platforms (Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 or Oracle) or on a Teradata data warehouse appliance. Unlike ETL tools such as Business Objects Data Services or SQL Server Integration Services, which generally use an in-memory pipeline to process data, RED leverages the database platform for data manipulation. The software automatically generates much of the SQL code required to process data into the required data model.


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