While You See a Chance

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"While You See a Chance"
Single by Steve Winwood
from the album Arc of a Diver
B-side "Vacant Chair"
Released December 1980
Format 7", 12" maxi single
Recorded 1980
Genre New Wave, synthpop, soft rock
Length 5:15 (album)
3:55 (single)
Label Island
Writer(s) Steve Winwood, Will Jennings
Producer(s) Steve Winwood
Steve Winwood singles chronology
"Time Is Running Out"
"While You See a Chance"
"Arc of a Diver"
Arc of a Diver track listing
"While You See a Chance"
"Arc of a Diver"

"While You See a Chance" is a song performed by Steve Winwood in 1980,[1] who also wrote it alongside Will Jennings.[2] It was released on his album Arc of a Diver[2] and peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1981,[1] and also reached #68 on the Billboard Top 100 for the year 1981; however, it only reached #45 in the UK.

The song's keyboard introduction was not originally intended to be part of the song. The track was thrown together fairly quickly after Winwood discovered that he had accidentally deleted his intended drum track introduction while preparing for vocals. He wrote a new introduction on the spot as a replacement.

Many radio stations, when the song was released, played the version of the single used in the video, which cut the song's length from 5:15 to 3:55. The edit occurs in the middle of the song, immediately following the lyric "Don't you wonder how you keep on moving? One more day, your way." In the full version, Winwood follows this line by repeating the words "Oh, your way," while in the short version, an instrumental passage follows immediately.

In D-TV, the song was set to the Disney classic The Sword in the Stone.


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