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Whirlwind Recordings (WWR) is a London, UK-based independent record label. It was established in 2010 by Michael Janisch.[1]

Whirlwind Recordings
Founded 2010
Founder Michael Janisch
Distributor(s) Proper Music Group, Indigo, E1 Entertainment, PVine, The Planet Company, Bertus, Distrijazz
Genre Jazz, Experimental Music, World Music
Country of origin UK
Official website www.whirlwindrecordings.com


The label was founded in 2010 by bassist, composer, educator and producer Michael Janisch in order to release his debut solo album Purpose Built.[2][3][4] The label releases albums from musicians mainly based in the UK and USA,[1] with a growing number of artists coming from mainland Europe.[5] As of June 2014, the label's catalog listed more than 40 albums.[6]

Notable artists who have released albums on Whirlwind Recordings[edit]

Notable artists who appear as sidemen/women on WWR[edit]

Aaron Goldberg, Adam Rogers, Chris Potter, David Binney, Doug Wamble, Greg Osby, Jeff Ballard, Jim Black, Julian Siegel, Kendrick Scott, Larry Grenadier, Lionel Loueke, Mark Turner, Norma Winstone, Mike Moreno, Ralph Alessi, Seamus Blake, Tyshawn Sorey, Walter Smith III.

Whirlwind Festival[edit]

In October 2013, WWR launched its inaugural Whirlwind Festival, curated by Janisch.[11] The festival ran from October 10–12 at Kings Place in London and featured 18 bands and 86 musicians. Performers included Andre Canniere, Greg Osby, Mike Gibbs, Norma Winstone, Robert Mitchell, and Logan Richardson, among others.[12][13]

Notable discography[edit]

AlbumArtistRelease Date


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