Whiskey, Mystics and Men

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"Whiskey, Mystics and Men"
Song by The Doors
Released June 20, 1999
Format CD
Recorded March 1969, 1977
Genre Psychedelic rock, blues rock
Length 2:19
Label Elektra Records
Writer Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, John Densmore
Producer Paul A. Rothchild
'Essential Rarities' track listing
  1. "Hello to the Cities"
  2. "Break On Through"
  3. "Roadhouse Blues"
  4. "Hyacinth House"
  5. "Who Scared You"
  6. "Whiskey, Mystics and Men"
  7. "I Will Never Be Untrue"
  8. "Moonlight Drive"
  9. "Queen of the Highway"
  10. "Someday Soon"
  11. "Hello, I Love You"
  12. "Orange County Suite"
  13. "The Soft Parade"
  14. "The End"
  15. "Woman Is a Devil"

"Whiskey, Mystics and Men" is a song by The Doors from the compilation Essential Rarities.


The song released on the 1999 compilation is mostly a studio creation, the vocal parts of Morrison are the same as the ones in the bootleg Missing Links (which is entirely from the February 25th 1969 The Soft Parade session and overdubs by the surviving Doors members performed in 1977).

Nevertheless, official releases say is from 1970.

Other versions[edit]

The track is featured in two distinctly different versions on the remastered 2006 release of The Soft Parade. Version 1 is the later creation, whereas version 2 was recorded "live" in the studio during the recording of the album in 1969.


The track is credited to the entire band, with Jim Morrison being credited with the lyrics and the rest of the band with the music.