Whispers Under Ground

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Whispers Under Ground
Whispers Under Ground.jpg
Author Ben Aaronovitch
Language English
Genre Urban Fantasy
Publisher Gollancz
Publication date
21 June 2012 (2012-06-21)
Pages 432 pp
ISBN 978-0-575-09764-3
Preceded by Moon Over Soho
Followed by Broken Homes

Whispers Under Ground is the third novel in the Rivers of London series by English author Ben Aaronovitch, published 2012 by Gollancz.[1]


Peter Grant and the Folly are called in to assist in the investigation of the murder of an American student found stabbed to death at Baker Street station. It quickly becomes clear that not only is there a supernatural component to the case but that the clues lead deep into the secret underground world that lies beneath the streets of London.


Returning characters[edit]

  • Police Constable Peter Grant; an officer in the Metropolitan Police and the first official apprentice wizard in sixty years.
  • Police Constable Lesley May; an officer in the Metropolitan Police. Currently on medical leave and de facto apprentice to Nightingale
  • Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale; head of the Folly and the last officially sanctioned English Wizard.
  • Molly; The Folly's domestic helper, of unknown species.
  • Dr Abdul Haqq Walid; world renowned gastroenterologist and cryptopathologist.
  • Abigail Kamara; annoyingly persistent teen-aged girl.
  • Detective Chief Inspector Alexander Seawoll; The SIO (Senior Investigation Officer) Belgravia MIT
  • Detective Inspector Miriam Stephanopoulos; Belgravia Murder Investigation Team.
  • Detective Constable Sahra Guleed; a junior member of the Belgravia Murder Investigation Team.
  • Frank Caffrey; LFB (London Fire Brigade) Fire Investigator, ex-para and a key "associate" of the Folly.
  • Cecilia Tyburn Thames; aka Lady Ty, "daughter" of Mama Thames and goddess of the River Tyburn.
  • Olympia and Chelsea; school age twin "daughters" of Mama Thames and goddesses of Counter's Creek and the River Westbourne respectively.
  • Fleet; another "daughter" of Mama Thames goddess of the River Fleet.

Characters introduced in this novel[edit]

  • Albert Woodville-Gentle; suspected Little Crocodile
  • Varenka Dobroslova; his live in nurse.
  • James Gallagher; an American student at Central St. Martins.
  • Zachary Palmer; his house-mate.
  • Senator Gallagher; James' father and a US Senator.
  • Special Agent Kimberly Reynolds; FBI liaison officer.
  • Sergeant Jaget Kumar; British Transport Police
  • DC David Carey; Belgravia MIT assigned as Family Liaison.
  • DC Simon Kittredge; police officer in the CTC (Counter Terrorism Command)
  • Graham Beale; CEO Beale Property Services.
  • Kevin Nolan: Fruit & Veg. Wholesaler.
  • Ryan Carroll; an up-and-coming artist.
  • Madame Teng; a visitor from Taiwan.
  • Robert Su; assistant to Madame Teng.


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