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The Whitby Town Council is the governing body of the town of Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

The council consists of the mayor and eight council members. While the mayor and three regional councillors are elected at large, the remaining four are elected by ward.

The Whitby Town Council is responsible for the administration of the town of Whitby, its duties primarily including urban planning and the maintenance of the town's infrastructure.


  • Pat Perkins, Mayor
  • Joe Drumm, Regional Councillor
  • Gerry Emm, Regional Councillor
  • Don Mitchell, Deputy Mayor & Regional Councillor
  • Sue Pitchforth, North Ward (1) Councillor
  • Elizabeth Roy, West Ward (2) Councillor
  • Michael Emm, Centre Ward (3) Councillor
  • Lorne Coe, East Ward (4) Councillor

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