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White, Smith & Company (est.1874) was a music publishing firm in Boston, Massachusetts. It issued sheet music and a monthly journal, Folio. The business began in 1867 as a partnership between Charles A. White, William F. Smith, and J. Frank Perry.[1][2][3] It became "White, Smith, & Co." in 1874, after Perry left.[4][5][6] In 1897 the firm changed its name to "White-Smith Music Publishing Company."[7] "Upon the death of Mr. Smith in June 1891 his interests were bought by Mr. White, who took his son Daniel L. into partnership. After the death of Charles A. White the company was incorporated in 1897 with Daniel L. White as President. Upon his death in August 1919 his only son Charles A. White, grandson of the founder, became ... president of the company."[7][8][9] In 1944 the firm "sold its catalogue to Edwin H. Morris & Co. of New York ... but continued in the business of music printing as White, Smith Printing Co. at 40 Winchester Street until 1973."[5]

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