White and Seavey Islands

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Coordinates: 42°58′06″N 70°37′33″W / 42.96833°N 70.62583°W / 42.96833; -70.62583

White Island (left) and Seavey Island (right) at high tide

White Island and Seavey Island are in the Isles of Shoals located off the coast of New Hampshire in the town of Rye. During low tide, the two islands are connected by a land bridge.

White Island is dominated by Isles of Shoals Light, now automated, and the keeper's house. The lighthouse and associated buildings are now owned by the state of New Hampshire. The island hosts a coastal weather station which frequently records sustained hurricane force winds from nor'easter coastal storms in the winter, due to the exposed nature of the island.[1] The lighthouse tower was restored in 2005 as the result of the efforts of a group of seventh graders in nearby North Hampton, known as the Lighthouse Kids (a chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation). Poet Celia Thaxter grew up on this island before moving to Smuttynose Island and eventually Appledore Island.

Seavey Island has been the site of a tern restoration project conducted by the Audubon Society of New Hampshire in recent years.