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The Whitehead Brothers are an American R&B duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, made up of two brothers, Kenny Whitehead, KenSpin, Kenny Bermuda... and John Cavadus Whitehead Jr aka Jonny, JStep. They are sons of the late John Cavadus Whitehead, half of the famed writing, production and singing duo, Mcfadden & Whitehead. Their writing is mostly handled by both brothers, while the larger part of their work is produced by younger brother, Kenny Whitehead

Their first album, released in 1984, entitled, "Kenny & Johnny The Whitehead Brothers", gained some chart positions and produced a #1 radio single in Houston TX, entitled Stylin and Profilin Vid/ Available, landing them on 'Soul Train', rapping during their interview and having the late legendary host Don Cornelius dance; something rarely seen on TV.

Their second album "The Whitehead Bros 'Serious' ", was released on August 23, 1994 on Motown Records. The album produced three buzzing hits, in "Forget I Was a G", "Your Love Is a 187" and "Sex On The Beach"; with "Forget I Was a G", peaking at 15 on the Billboard Charts, and was featured as an important single on the multi platinum soundtrack 'Jason's Lyric', starring Forest Whitaker Jada Pinkett Smith and Allen Payne. Due to Motown's failure to seize the initial tempo of the album and not making the album available in major retail outlets, it failed to perform well sales-wise and only made it to 35 on the R&B charts, not selling enough copies to qualify for the Billboard 200. Though the album did not reach commercial success, promotional copies, not intended for sale, are still being bootlegged to the public on platforms like Amazon, and sale from 100 to 500 dollars by DJs and collectors. The album also appears on numerous 90s compilation albums recognizing them as one best R&B/HipHop groups of the 90s.

The Whitehead Brothers toured Europe with groups like Teddy Riley's Blackstreet and Warren G, which gained them a huge fan base, particularly in London England and Germany. They remained with Motown until the late 90s. They would release a single entitled "Feel Your Pain", a co-write with, William 'BigBub' Drakeford, which was the lead single for the duo's second album. Although the group made their third appearance on Soul Train, Motown was in shambles and the single was not promoted, as well as a Clark Kent remix. The Whitehead Bros. were never officially dropped from Motown, but both the company and the brothers agreed to end the relationship. Younger brother, Kenny Whitehead, went on to co-write, produce and do remixes for other artist, such as Queen Latifah, Faith Evans, Marques Houston, TG4 (Jhene Aiko Chilombo), Mario, Changing Faces, Next, LSG/Missy Elliot, and others. He also has produced songs on soundtracks such as Dr. Dolittle, Brown Sugar, Walking Dead etc.



Year Title Chart positions
US R&B US Heat
1984 Kenny & Johnny The Whitehead Brothers/ Whitehead Bros. album
  • Released: 1984
  • Label: PIR
Year Title Chart positions
US R&B US Heat
1994 Serious
  • Released: August 23, 1994
  • Label: Motown
37 13


Year Title Chart positions
US R&B UK Singles Chart[1]
1984 "I Jumped Out My Skin" NK
1985 "Stylin & Profilin" NK
1994 "Your Love is A 187" NK 32
1995 "Forget I Was a G" NK 40


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