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The Whitehead Research Project (WRP) is dedicated to the research of, and scholarship on, the texts, philosophy, and life of Alfred North Whitehead. It explores and analyzes the relevance of Whitehead's thought in dialogue with contemporary philosophies in order to unfold his philosophy of organism and its consequences for our time and in relation to emerging philosophical thought. Of particular interest is the investigation into the emergence of Whitehead's philosophy in the context of British and American pragmatism, its complicated relation to Continental philosophy and the analytic tradition, the relevance of his thought in the discourse of post-modern paradigms of deconstruction and post-structuralism, and its creative impulse for developing process philosophies. Additionally, following Whitehead's own inclination to reach beyond European modes of thought, WRP seeks to extend its horizon of research by fostering similar conversations with strains of Indian and East Asian thought, thereby exhibiting de facto mutual influence–e.g., with the Kyoto School of Buddhist philosophy.


The WRP was conceived and founded in 2005 by Roland Faber, who serves as its Executive Director. In February 2005, Faber proposed and installed WRP as a project of the Center for Process Studies, a faculty research center of the Claremont School of Theology since 1973 and of which Faber is the Executive Director. In March 2005, the goal of creating a fully integrated online Whitehead research interface was established as a long-term, strategic aim of WRP. The official inauguration of WRP followed in December 2005 with its first international conference, "Event and Decision", on Badiou, Deleuze, and Whitehead. In March 2006, Faber invited Brian G. Henning to serve as the WRP's Director of Research. In July 2006, the creation of the WRP's International Board of Academic Advisors signaled the completion of the first phase of the genesis of WRP.

In July 2009, the WRP announced the creation of the Whitehead Research Interface, also known as EVE (in honor of Whitehead's beloved wife, Evelyn). Once implemented, EVE will revolutionize the study of Whitehead's works by providing open access to the most complete electronic library of Whiteheadian scholarship in the world, some parts of which have never been made available to scholars.

In 2009, WRP founded Contemporary Whitehead Studies (CWS), an interdisciplinary book series that publishes manuscripts from scholars with contemporary and innovative approaches to Whitehead studies. By publishing innovative and adventurous approaches to Whitehead’s philosophy that engage with the problems, promise, and ideas of the twenty-first century, Contemporary Whitehead Studies creates a vital and dynamic space for scholarly engagement.

In September 2010, the WRP announced the inauguration of the Critical Edition of Whitehead, a long-term initiative of the WRP that will, for the first time, make available the complete published and unpublished writings of Alfred North Whitehead in a single, critical edition.[1] The Critical Edition of Whitehead is led by General Editor George R. Lucas, Jr. and Executive Editor Brian G. Henning.

International Board of Academic Advisors[edit]

  • George Allan
  • James Bradley
  • Didier Debaise
  • Michael Halewood
  • Jeremy R. Hustwit
  • Catherine Keller
  • George R. Lucas, Jr.
  • Helmut Maaßen
  • Leemon McHenry
  • Keith Robinson
  • Robert J. Valenza

Research members[edit]

  • Jeffrey Bell
  • Ali Benmaklouf
  • Jean-Marie Breuvart
  • Justin Clemens
  • Andre Cloots
  • Vincent Colapietro
  • Ronny Desmet
  • Jean-Claude Dumoncel
  • Guillaume Durand
  • Peter Farleigh
  • Derek Malone France
  • Michael Hampe
  • Graham Harman
  • Regine Kather
  • Joachim Klose
  • Spyridon Koutroufinis
  • Erin Manning
  • Brian Massumi
  • Steven Meyer
  • Duston Moore
  • Steve Odin
  • Adrian Parr
  • Stascha Rohmer
  • Franz Riffert
  • Philip Rose
  • Adam Scarfe
  • Steven Shaviro
  • Olav Bryant Smith


  • Contemporary Whitehead Studies book series by Rodopi - Roland Faber and Brian G. Henning, coeditors
  • Critical Edition of Whitehead - George R. Lucas, Jr., General Editor; Brian G. Henning, Executive Editor
  • International Conferences


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