Whitianga Festival of Speed

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Helicopter vs Rally car race
Helicopter vs Rally car race at 2009 Whitianga Festival of Speed
Offshore Power Boat racing
Offshore Power Boat Racing at 2009 Whitianga Festival of Speed

The Whitianga Festival of Speed (Whitianga FOS) is a popular Motorsport festival held in the seaside town of Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. The festival hosts a multitude of events including the New Zealand Helicopter Championships, Offshore powerboat racing, Aerobatic Displays, Off-road Vehicle Demonstrations, Jet Ski racing and bespoke events such as Rally Car Vs Helicopter racing.[1]


The Motorsport events that have been held at the festival thus far are:[2]


The inaugural Whitianga Festival of Speed was held in April 2009 as an additional event in the New Zealand Offshore Power Boat Series. To date the event has been free for spectators.

2009 Festival[edit]

The 2009 event was held over the weekend of April 4–5 and saw a turnout of an estimated 15,000 - 20,000 spectators.[3]

2010 Festival[edit]

The 2010 event was held on the weekend of April 10–11 and saw the crowd double to an estimated 40,000[4]

Future Festivals[edit]

The festival organisers have announced that the event will next be held in 2012.[5]


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