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Whitney Kroenke Burditt (born September 29, 1977)[1] is an American heiress, film producer and philanthropist.


Early life[edit]

Her father is Stan Kroenke and her mother, Ann Walton Kroenke.[2][3] Through her mother, she is a member of the Walton family.[3] She has a brother, Josh Kroenke. She graduated from Northwestern University, where she received a Bachelor of Speech in Theater.[3][4][5]


She worked as a choreographer, dancer and actress for I Sing and the London production of Romeo & Juliet directed by Daniel Kramer.[4] She has also produced two movies.[3]

A philanthropist, she is the co-founder of the Playing for Change Movement, where she serves as Executive Director.[2][4]

Personal life[edit]

She married Ben Burditt of Warsaw, Missouri in 2006.[3][6] Her cousin Elizabeth Paige Laurie, daughter of Nancy Walton Laurie, was the maid of honor.[3] They reside in Los Angeles, California, and have four dogs.[4]


As a producer[edit]


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