Who Needs Guitars Anyway?

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Who Needs Guitars Anyway?
Studio album by Alice Deejay
Released July 17, 2000
Recorded 1998-2000
Genre Eurodance, dance-pop, house
Length 52:22
Label Republic
Producer Sebastiaan Molijn, DJ Jurgen, Eelke Kalberg, Marc Lee-Smith, Mila Levesque, Angelique Versnel
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 2/5 stars[1]

Who Needs Guitars Anyway? is the debut and only album released in 2000 by Alice Deejay. It includes the hit singles "Back In My Life", "Better Off Alone", "Will I Ever", "The Lonely One", and "Celebrate Our Love". The album debuted in the top 100 of the Billboard 200 album sales chart in the United States in 1999 and remained in this chart into 2000. The songs "The Lonely One", "Will I Ever" and "Celebrate Our Love" are different versions to the single versions and video versions that were released.

There were three different covers to Who Needs Guitars Anyway? when the album was released. The first was of Judith Pronk sitting on a record needle naked with only a cowboy hat on in a blur. The second was of Judith pointing a glowing finger and smiling. The third was much like the first but with Judith clothed. There was much controversy over the original cover, with some of its defenders slating the release of the other two covers. The original cover was briefly used to promote the album – promo posters and flats were produced but quickly removed.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Back in My Life"   3:30
2. "Better Off Alone"   3:36
3. "Celebrate Our Love"   3:26
4. "The Lonely One"   3:19
5. "Who Needs Guitars Anyway?"   4:17
6. "Will I Ever"   3:28
7. "Elements of Life"   3:34
8. "Fairytales"   4:15
9. "Waiting for Your Love"   3:45
10. "No More Lies"   3:36
11. "I Can See (See It in Your Eyes)"   3:45
12. "Everything Begins with an E"   4:19
13. "Got to Get Away"   3:41
14. "Alice Deejay"   3:58


Single Chart positions
Better Off Alone UK #2 USA #27 AUS #4
Back In My Life UK #4 Nor #1
Will I Ever UK #7
The Lonely One UK #16
Celebrate Our Love UK #17