Whores Moaning

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Whores Moaning
EP by Sonic Youth
Released February 1993
Recorded 1992
Genre Alternative rock
Label Geffen
Producer Butch Vig, Sonic Youth

Whores Moaning (or Whore's Moaning)[1] is an EP by Sonic Youth released on February 1993. It was released exclusively in Australia to coincide with 1993 tour dates in Australia and New Zealand. The name of the EP is a reference to Nirvana's Australian tour EP Hormoaning, released a year previously.[2]


Basically the "Sugar Kane" single with some tweaking, it features the radio edit of "Sugar Kane", "Personality Crisis" from a Sassy Magazine flexi-disc (recorded July '90), a prototype instrumental of "Shoot" from December 1991 called "The End of the End of the Ugly", "Is It My Body" from the Sub Pop Alice Cooper tribute (recorded April 1991), and the lengthy instrumental "Tamra" from November 1991. The record was re-released in the United States on blue vinyl on Saturday April 16, 2011 for record store day.


The cover artwork is a photocopy of one of Kurt Cobain's dolls by Kevin Kerslake. The back features a drawing by Cobain.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sugar Kane" (edit) - 5:03
  2. "Personality Crisis" - 3:50
  3. "The End of the End of the Ugly" - 4:12
  4. "Is It My Body" - 2:53
  5. "Tamra" - 8:53

Singles chart[edit]

Year Single Chart Peak
1993 "Whores Moaning" Australian Singles Chart 44