Why (Tony Sheridan song)

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Single by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers
A-side Cry for a Shadow
Released 27 March 1964
Recorded 22 June 1961
Genre Rock
Length 2:55
Writer(s) Bill Crompton, Tony Sheridan
Producer(s) Bert Kaempfert

"Why" is one of the early songs performed by The Beatles when they were backing Tony Sheridan as the Beat Brothers. In the UK, it is the B-side of the instrumental rock tune "Cry for a Shadow". Originally intended to be the A-side, the record label Polydor chose not to release it (at that time). When the Beatles were gaining popularity by 1964, the record label decided to release it with "Cry for a Shadow" as the A-side and "Why" as its B-side. In the US and Canada, it was released as originally intended, by the North American record label MGM with "Why" as the A-side and "Cry for a Shadow" as the B-side, due to it being an instrumental.