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Gps tracking software.png
Developer(s) Gurtam
Stable release Wialon 1006 / July 2010[1]
Written in C++, JavaScript, tcl
Operating system GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows
Available in Russian, English, Ukrainian, العربية, български, italiano, español, suomi, polska, македонски, eλλάδα, deutsch, 中文, português
Type GPS tracking software
License Proprietary software
Website http://gurtam.com

Wialon is a web-based GPS tracking software platform with some fleet management features, developed by a Belarusian company Gurtam. Wialon is available for both Linux and Windows operating systems. Wialon is notable because of its compatibility with different GLONASS and GPS tracking units, counting 131 in the beginning of July 2010.[2]

Chart displays theft of fuel.

Wialon was introduced internationally in 2010 at CeBIT computer expo.[3][4] Before that Wialon GPS tracking software was mainly used in Post-Soviet states. According to Gurtam website, there are about 200 GPS tracking services worldwide who have already implemented Wialon GPS tracking platform.[5]

Wialon data center[edit]

Wialon data center consists of several servers located at SIG Telehousing in the North of the Netherlands. Software as a service versions, Wialon Hosting and Wialon Corporate, are installed there. At the end of June 2010 Wialon data center have reached the number of 10 000 registered tracking devices.[6] Wialon data center processes 80 to 200 GPS messages per second.


Gurtam started developing Wialon in 2002.[7]