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WideOrbit Inc. is a technology company that develops and markets sales, traffic, billing and broadcast automation software for television stations, radio stations, cable television stations, cable operators, web television, digital television and out-of-home advertising. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, WideOrbit has offices in Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Vancouver WA, Agawam MA, Birmingham AL, Paris France and employs more than 400 people as of May 2014.


WideOrbit was founded in July 1999 by entrepreneur Eric R. Mathewson, who, as of 2014, still serves as founder and CEO. Their first traffic system was launched at WENY-ABC-TV in Elmira New York in February 2001.[citation needed] The first commercial station went live in December 2001 at WTKR-CBS-TV, then owned by the New York Times Company.

September 2002: The New York Times Company, Meredith Corporation and Liberty Corporation, invested $6 million as part of an $8 million Series B financing of WideOrbit.[1]

August 2009: WideOrbit acquired the assets of Google’s radio automation business, including the Google Radio Automation, Maestro and SS32 radio automation products.[2]

March 2010: The beta launch of WO Central; the industry’s first, real-time, direct connection between Buyers and the Seller’s Advertising inventory systems.[citation needed] Enabled with a direct two-way connection with Donovan Data Systems, WO Central represents the first time that Donovan systems has been directly connected on a two-way basis to station Traffic systems and regional cable networks.[3][unreliable source?]

November 2010: WideOrbit acquired the Orion® Business System assets of privately held VCI Solutions, a provider of sales and traffic software solutions for the broadcast and cable industry. [4]

September 2012: WideOrbit acquired the OneDomain, Inc. business, an Alabama-based software company that develops and markets media planning, research and business intelligence software to television and radio stations as well as ad agencies. [5] [6]

April 2014: WideOrbit acquired Fivia, a digital advertising management software provider headquartered in Paris, France. Fivia’s software product manages the workflow of major sell-side advertising publishers to maximize the value of their digital advertising inventory.[7]

June 2014: WideOrbit acquired Abacast, a provider of streaming, live and on demand ad insertion and monetization solutions for Digital Radio provider headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. Clarity®, Abacast’s core solution, enables online radio streaming for terrestrial broadcasters, pure play broadcasters, as well as podcasters. [8]


WO Traffic – An advertising sales, traffic and revenue management system for broadcast and cable companies that manages ad operations across multiple properties, markets and media, including TV, Radio, cable networks, cable MSO, digital out of home, digital video and mobile, from a single database. [9]

WO Traffic for Radio - An advertising sales, traffic and revenue management system for broadcast radio companies that manages ad operations across multiple properties, markets and media, including TV, Radio, cable networks, cable MSO, digital out of home, digital video and mobile, from a single database. [10]

WO Promo - A promotion placement management tool for broadcast companies that can helps maximize available promotional inventory based on Reach and Frequency.

WO Automation for Radio – A radio automation system that features a touchscreen interface and customizable DJ workspace with widget-based architecture, centralized content creation, centralized playlist creation and editing, multi-market voice tracking and integrations to EAS equipment, newsroom automation software, mixing consoles, switchers and routers, content distribution platforms and music scheduling systems.

WO Network – A software solution for managing network ad sales and commercial operations. [11]

WO Media Sales – A software solution that helps broadcast companies manage sales operations across account management, avails and planning, order EC, multimedia selling, research and analysis. [12]

WO Media CRM – An account management solution for broadcast stations and networks. [13]

WO Program – A software solution that takes information from WideOrbit systems and additional business systems, helps broadcast and cable companies manage acquired and produced program content.

WO Analytics – A business analytics solution for media companies that integrates data from transactional systems, including WideOrbit solutions and third-party software, along with ratings and market data, to provide a diagnostic view of business operations that can help media managers and executives manage their organizations more efficiently and profitably. [14]

WO Mobile – An SMS mobile campaign platform that can launch targeted mobile programs and campaigns, such as text campaigns, alerts (weather, closings, traffic, breaking news, sports scores, gossip), voting, contests, coupons and sponsored content.

WO Central – An online ad marketplace that allows agencies and advertisers to buy directly from broadcast stations and networks.

Fivia AdFront® - A digital workflow management software tool that allows media companies to manage digital advertising orders, inventory and billing.

WO Traffic – Internet Orders – An advertising sales traffic and billing solution that allows broadcast companies to manage linear ad sales and digital or non-linear ad sales orders, reporting and billing together through a two-way integration with Google’s DFP Premium.

Abacast Clarity® - A cloud-based, Digital Radio solution that enables profitable online radio streaming for terrestrial broadcasters, Internet webcasters, as well as podcasters. Clarity® allows clients to manage live and on-demand ad insertion, campaign management and reporting, streaming, audience measurement and reporting and royalty reporting. It also offers clients a customizable player and mobile apps.


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