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Widow maker or widowmaker is a somewhat facetious term used for something that is considered to present a lethal hazard to, predominantly, men, and thus, by taking their lives, may make their wives become widows.

It may specifically refer to:

Vehicles and weaponry[edit]

Vehicles, particularly military aircraft, which have a reputation for high rates of fatal accidents, are sometimes nicknamed Widow maker:

Titled expressive works[edit]


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Widow-Maker, Pecos Bill's horse in American folklore
  • Widowmaker (Image Comics), an assassin from the comic book series Noble Causes
  • Widowmaker, a particularly feared and dangerous strain of the Chimera, encountered as one of their military units in the video game Resistance: Fall of Man and later in Resistance 3 as one of several strains that have since become feral.
  • The Widowmaker, Colony Wars:Vengeance, a League ace boss


  • Widow maker, a highly stenotic left main coronary artery or proximal left anterior descending coronary artery of the heart, which may lead suddenly and with little warning to a fatal heart attack
  • Widowmaker (forestry), any loose overhead debris such as limbs or tree tops that may fall at any time
  • Widowmaker Cave, fictional cave in the Northern Exposure television series season 3 episode "The Final Frontier", where Holling Vincoeur goes to find Jesse the bear
  • Widowmaker hill climb a motorcycle/snowmobile sporting event held semi-annually in Croydon, Utah
  • Delamar, Nevada, former town
  • Slang for cape buffalo
  • Slang for high-repetition squats (20 repetitions, usually done with a weight that is already challenging at 10 repetitions)
  • A common nickname for the Bowsprit, the most dangerous part of a sailing ship, particular in rough weather.
  • The Widowmaker, one time ring name for wrestler Barry Windham, during a short stint in the World Wrestling Federation, 1989–90

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