Wightlink Raiders

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Wightlink Raiders
Wightlink Raiders logo.jpg
City Ryde, Isle of Wight, England
League English National Ice Hockey League
Founded 1991
Home arena Ryde Arena
Capacity: 1000
Ice size: 165ft x 80ft
Colours White, Red, Black
Owner(s) Wightlink Raiders 2007 Ltd
Head coach Jeremy Cornish
Captain Domon Larter

Franchise history
1991 - 1992 Solent Vikings
1992 - 1999 Wightlink Raiders
1999 - 2004 Isle of Wight Raiders
2004 - Wightlink Raiders

The Wightlink Raiders are an ice hockey team based in Ryde on the Isle of Wight, England. They are sponsored by Wightlink and play in the third-tier NIHL South Division 1. The team are known for their small ice rink, which has in the past barred them from competing at a higher level.


Originally called the Solent Vikings, the team changed to their current name a year later. Although they were known as the Isle of Wight Raiders between 1999 and 2003 when Wightlink withdrew sponsorship, before the company re-joined the club in 2004. They are still the only club to be formally known with their sponsor in their name. Due to the clubs location on the Isle of Wight the team would struggle to survive without Wightlink's support.

In the 1990s, they dominated the English National League (now called the English Premier League), winning the league a record five straight years, including winning the league's cup competition during that time as well.

Team Roster[edit]


  • Manager United Kingdom Steve Price
  • Manager United Kingdom Geoff Underwood
  • Secretary United Kingdom Sarah Craft

Coaching Staff

  • Head Coach Canada Jeremy Cornish


  • #40 United Kingdom Dan Weller-Evans
  • #93 United Kingdom Matt Colclough


  • #3 United Kingdom Steve Gannaway (Coaching role)
  • #7 United Kingdom Damon Larter
  • #24 United Kingdom Niall Bound
  • #37 United Kingdom Sam Waller
  • #38 United Kingdom Dan Pye
  • #71 United Kingdom Ben Lock
  • #76 United Kingdom Nick Compton


  • #5 United Kingdom Aidan Doughty
  • #8 United Kingdom Joe Denness
  • #11 Canada Jeremy Cornish (Non EIHA Trained)
  • #12 United Kingdom Steve Gosset
  • #13 United Kingdom Kieran Annis
  • #16 United Kingdom James Smith
  • #17 United Kingdom Richard Facey
  • #20 United Kingdom Nathan Taylor
  • #21 Czech Republic Jiri Hanzal
  • #32 United Kingdom Robbie Brown
  • #36 United Kingdom Craig Tribe
  • #73 United Kingdom Alex Murray
  • #90 United Kingdom Corey Watkins

Former players[edit]

Andrew Robinson GB Matthew Brennen GB Anthony Standing CAN Daniel Sweeney CAN Gareth Phillips CAN Martin Jenneway GB Ivor Ambridge GB David Standing CAN Nicholas Rothwell CAN Craig Wynn GB Anthony Etienne Blaize GB Don Breau CAN David Wilson GB David Cannon CAN Peter Nyman SWE Tobias Holmqvist SWE Andreas Ost SWE Joachim Jonsson SWE Jonas Andersson SWE Johan Larrsson-Halleberg SWE Jani Saartamaa FIN Mark Wallace GB Darren Wallace GB Matthew Causen GB Matthew Paynter GB Victor Somfaleanu ROM Johan Jonsson SWE Derry Goodburn NOB David Hadath CAN Jamie Nagle CAN Peter Cooper CAN Bene Acquah GB Paul White GB Matthew Wynn GB Norman Pinnington GB Mel Grundy GB Daniel Giden SWE Juraj Rusic SVK Tolrik van der Het dol Timmerman ZIM Andrew Johnston GB Jamie Thompson GB Drew Chapman GB Gareth Endicott GB Alan Armour GB

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