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Wijiji is a Chacoan Ancestral Pueblo great house and notable archaeological site located in Chaco Canyon, a canyon in the U.S. state of New Mexico. Comprising just over 100 rooms, it is the smallest of the Chacoan great houses. Built between AD 1110 and 1115,[1] it was the last Chacoan great house to be constructed. Somewhat isolated within the narrow wash, it is positioned 1 mile (2 km) from neighboring Una Vida.


Wijiji is a corrupted and garbled mispronunciation of Díwózhiishzhiin, meaning black greasewood in the Navajo language. The name may be the word with the most dotted letters in a row.


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Coordinates: 36°01′34″N 107°52′09″W / 36.0262°N 107.8693°W / 36.0262; -107.8693