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The Wikings (orig. Wikingia) are the students' union of the Faculty of Applied Economics at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. The name is derived from the winged Viking helmet carried in its emblem (the symbol for trade and commerce found in virtually all emblems of Belgian student organisations concerning business or economics). They were founded in 1910 by Stan Leurs and are one of the oldest student organisations still active today. They have been notorious for their student jokes such as the abduction of Manneken Pis in 1963 and Opsinjoorke 1954, both national symbols of Belgium. Today, they strive to represent the students of the faculty as well as bringing them together by organizing social and cultural events.

Formation NSK: 15 december 1884
Wikings: 3 december 1910
Headquarters Unifac building
Membership ± 1000
Official language Dutch
Praeses Mathias Swaenen (2009-2010)
Affiliations Unifac
Staff 14


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